U-Qasar. The open source platform to keep all your SQA tools under your own Quality Model



Have you found yourself trying to use all the SQA tools in your company to find out what is the status of your software project? U-Qasar can collect and aggregate that information for you, and, better, present it in a manner that anyone in your company will understand it!

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  • Visualizations

    Dashboard visualizations gather all the data from the different objectives and allow for personalized views of the project progress that you can share with your colleagues.

  • Adapters

    U-QASAR comes with a set of adapters to connect to your favourite Quality tools. These adapters will extract the data automatically from those tools and plug it into your own quality models

  • Quality Models

    A simple tree representation collects your view of the quality requirements of your product and process. The hierarchy is divided in Quality Objectives, Quality Indicators and Quality Metrics. You can combine them to create an organized and weighted view of your quality priorities,

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"I was happy that some complaints about usual bottlenecks in our company are now visualised"

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"It is painful for her to prepare presentations meant for different management levels. Time is wasted tweaking data and visualizations for each level. With U-Qasar it is automatic."

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" Team could indeed make decisions based on UQ info. Code metrics especially useful, and having them in one place was great and highly useful. So the team did not have to look at 20 metrics in Sonar, but instead looked at 3 on the UQ dashboard."

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